Some attributes
First Series: Dexter's Laboratory
Second Powers: Genius,speed
Third Weakness: DeeDee, Mandark
Other attributes
Fourth Triva: Dexter has red hair
Fifth Triva2: Dexter is voiced by a female
Sixth Triva3: Dexter has dots for eyes
Susan And Mary Test
Some attributes
First Series- Johnny Test
Second Powers- Geniuses, Double Trouble
Third Weakness- Johnny Test, Bling Bling Boy
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: BBB has a crush on Susan
Fifth Triva2: They have Star and Moon barrets to keep track on who they are
Sixth triva3: They have a 1970's version of themselvs
t's the smart collage 14-year old twin sisters, against the young, yet brilliant master mind, Dexter! Who will win, the twins with their idiot brother and stupid dog? Or the kid with a annoying blond sister? 
Susan and Mary Test VS Dexter

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