Welcome to the SMASH! Here are the rules!

1.Be respectful to the Admins and Chat Monitors, they are there to protect you and help you in any case possible.
2.If you are new to this Wiki, you will be given a test (It is only 3 easy questions).
3.No Spamming on chat please!
4.No Cussing or bad language on Chat. (Shut up is included. Also, if you call someone stupid, you will be warned.)
5.On Chat, you are allowed to RP (Role-Play). When people are Role-Playing, always type OCC (Out Of Chat) to talk so that the RP is not disturbed. (Ex: OOC: Hi ----! Want to see my new edit?) When Role Play ends, you may return to regular chat speech. (Ex: Hi----!)
6.If you post videos/links on the chat, make sure they are appropriate. (Do NOT post R movies, M games, blood, gore, pornography, smoking, Exc.)
7.You do not have to have a number of edits to join chat. (But you could at least do some to show you have SMASH spirit!)
8.If any of these rules are violated, you will have a Strike. Get 3 strikes, you will be sadly ban depending on what you do. (Don't try to be the one who gets ban all the time!)
9.Do NOT harass another user or cyberbully! You WILL be ban for doing so!
10.And for last, HAVE FUN!

◾Breaking Rule#1-Strikes.
◾Breaking Rule#3-Strikes.
◾Breaking Rule#4-Strikes.
◾Breaking Rule#6- Ban from chat for a day.
◾Breaking Rule#9- Ban from wiki for a week.
◾If 3rd ban: Ban from wiki for a month.