Some attributes
First Series- Batman/Teen Titans
Second Powers- Incredible Acrobatics, Strength, and Agility.

Weapons: Grappling Hook, Bat-Rangs

Third Weaknesses- No super powers, get's frustrated easily, can't pull himself together without help.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Robin has an identity called Dick Grayson, he lost his mom and dad in an accident and was adopted by Batman.
Fifth Trivia#2: Even though he IS the leader of the Teen Titans, he has no super powers.
Sixth Trivia#3: He has a crush on Starfire.
Some attributes
First Series- Earthbound/Mother
Second Powers- PSI powers
Third Weaknesses- none known to date.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Mother 2 (Earthbound) is the ONLY Mother game released in America, but there is a new Earthbound game coming out soon.
Fifth Trivia#2: In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he knows PSI Starstorm, though in the Mother games, Ness never could learn such an attack.
Sixth Trivia#3: Ness was named Nintend in Japan but was changed later on to Ness.
Known as the boy wonders, which one will take the glory?! Robin, Batmans sidekick and leader of the Teen Titans, or Ness, the PSI boy?


Robin- 5

Ness- 4

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