Ben 10
Ben 10
Some attributes
First Series- Ben 10
Second Powers- The Omnitrix, which turns him into aliens.
Third Weaknesses- Has no ability to think straight.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Ben 10 was called this for having 10 aliens, now he has over 20 of them total.
Fifth Trivia#2: Ben 10 has been on Cartoon Network since 2004.
Sixth Trivia#3: Ben 10 has seen Generator Rex
Some attributes
First Series- Pokémon
Second Pokémon- Pikachu, Charzaird, Blastoise, Venusair, Snorlax,


Weapons- Team Rocket's Electric resistance gloves.

Third Weaknesses- Arrogant, puts too much faith in his Pokémon too much, has no skill in fist to fist combat.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Red is NOT Ash Ketchum, he is the Video-Game version. Ash Ketchum is more for money purposes.
Fifth Trivia#2: In Pokémon Adventures, his last known age is 18.
Sixth Trivia#3: Pikachu was NOT his starter Pokémon, it was Bulbasaur, who is currently a level 86 Venusaur.
These two fighters have due respect for their Monsters (Aliens), but who will pay off? The Ultimate Pokemon Master? or "The worlds greatest Hero"?


Red- 7

Ben 10- 7