Some attributes
First Series- Super Mario Bros.
Second Powers- Power-ups, Fire, F.L.O.O.D., Fire.
Third Weakness- His thinking through problems.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia- Mario first stared in "Donkey Kong" in 1981.
Fifth Trivia#2- In "Donkey Kong Jr." He was the bad guy.
Sixth Trivia#3- He is also named, "Mr. Nintendo" in Japan. He also has other so called names, like "Dr. Mario".
Sonic The Hedgehog
Some attributes
First Series- Sonic The Hedgehog
Second Powers- Speeds up to 765Mph., Power-Ups, Speed-Up attacks, Super Sonic
Third Weakness- Water, Extremely Cocky, Always in need of action.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Sonic was originally going to be brown instead of blue.
Fifth Trivia#2: Sonic stared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Where he and Mario can duke it off... but not as good as here!
Sixth Trivia#3: If you played Jet Set Records, Sonic's skull can be seen as a necklace for an evil character.
The Italian Plumber vs The Fastest thing alive! These two have been rivals since 1991, but this is 2013, and we need it to end NOW! 


Mario- 5

Sonic- 3