Invader Zim
Invader Zim
Some attributes
First Series- Invader Zim
Second Weapons- Ray-Gun, Other inventions.
Third Weaknesses- Lack of Earth knowledge.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Invader Zim was premiered in 2001
Fifth Trivia#2: Zim attracted Teens instead of 6 year olds.
Marvin the Martian
Some attributes
First Series- Loony Tunes/ Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century/ The Looney Tunes Show
Second Weapons- Laser-Beams, Ray guns, Minions.
Third Weaknesses- Can be tricked easily.
Other attributes
Fourth Trivia: Marvin the Martian was the first Cartoon character on a NASA badge.
Fifth Trivia#2: Marvin was originally going to be brown, but because of racist comments, they changed him to black.
These two aliens want to take over the world! But who will be more sucessful?! The Alien wacko Zim, or the Looney Tune Martian?


Marvin- 5

Zim- 2